The 41B District Court will be live with E-Filing December 1, 2022!

E-Filing is MANDATORY for attorneys on ALL CIVIL CASE TYPES


            • ALL separately captioned documents must be filed as separate documents in a bundle.
              For example: Notice of Motion Hearing, Motion and Brief are three separate documents in the same bundle.
            • Proposed Stipulations and Orders must be submitted as one document, not as a separate Stipulation and a separate Proposed Order.
            • Proposed Orders related to a Motion scheduled for hearing should be labeled “proposed order” and included with the motion document and NOT filed as a separate TrueFiling Document.
            • A separate Proof of Service is not needed if the other party/parties are registered users of the MiFILE system and are selected to receive service at the time of filing within MiFILE.
            • A separate current summons document is required at the time a complaint is filed. 
            • When entering address information, please refrain from entering the full name of the firm and/or business and any c/o information.  The party name (that will become the case caption) and mailing address are the only elements needed and required.  Entering more than the required information will cause a delay in processing documents.