Pursuant to Michigan Supreme Court Administrative Orders, 41B District Court is closed to the general public except for essential functions relating to health and safety, while safeguarding rights guaranteed by our Constitution.

All hearings will ONLY be conducted utilizing Zoom Virtual Court. 



41B will conduct criminal hearings for in custody defendants.  These hearings will be on Monday and Wednesday mornings.  


41B will conduct General Civil Telephone Pre Trials.  All other Civil matters, including Small Claims and Landlord Tenant, are being adjourned.  Additionally, no weddings will be performed during the State of Emergency.


41B will conduct emergency motions in the discretion of the court.

41B will also conduct any hearing in which all parties agree to participate utilizing Zoom Virtual Court. If you would like to participate you must obtain agreement of all parties and notify the Court of such agreement.  Once notified, the Court will schedule the case for the next available Virtual Court Docket.  All other cases will be adjourned until after May 1, 2020.

Pay Fines Online

All major credit cards are accepted through Municipal Payment Solutions. For more information, contact the 41B District Court (586) 469-9300.

NOTE: You cannot post a bond online or pay restitution. Cases or tickets in Warrant status cannot be paid by check.

MuniPaySol is a third-party service that charges a convenience fee.
The 41B District Court does not receive any portion of that fee.

We can accept money orders and checks at the Court. If you are on probation, have plead guilty to a misdemeanor, or wish to pay a traffic ticket, you can use a credit card to pay fines and costs online through MuniPaySol.

You will need to provide the following information when making an online payment:

  • Court case or ticket number and date it was issued
  • Type of offense
  • Total amount owed in fines and costs

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